Gray Scale of Life !!!!

Footprints of every experience is the only  assets of mine …

Crawling  down by the lane long 

Did everything  to built my castle of time

Still bubble’s of some shiny parts left alone
Deep cuts everywhere 

Hands though soaking tears

Heart roared loud first 

Then that lessons of  footprints truly worked like a soldiers to heal every single thread of buried heart 
Fences are near 

My journey is far 

Still these foot steps will not stop at all 

As dreams are meant to be fill 

& life is meant to live !!!

Another Zone… !!!!! 

The glaze of MOONLIGHT enter ,

In the deep dark zone …

I am lost in the TURQUOISE scenery ……

Far far away from the artificial ambience , Connected to the galaxies of my internal peace 

Beneath the shinning stars ,

I am flying in the parachute of brightest light …

WINGS of heart FLUTTERING inside 

I am standing with you my inner soul , holding your telescope I am digging down to find every meaningful and HOLLOW sayings of yours …,

Reading every letters which you quoted earlier in my RACING cart ,

Laughing till the last minute rang 

Exhaling every buried ashes far 

FRECKLES spot is yet another mystery to solve …
One day …yes That one day we together would tie up to that one thread , “Life” ….

The finale of “us” would be beautiful chapters of butterflies’
For now jus open your lashes as works are pending ,

Pressure is depressing 

Until den monsoon are far,

PEACOCKS are lost… !!