#Dear Me

I will,
Kiss on the forehead,
Hold hand in hand
And move out lost in the darkness of pines,
To the brightest sunlight,
To dazzling showers of Moonlight,
Lost in the peace of cold breeze,
Fall for glaciers,
The Wetness of monsoons,
Find happiness in every part,
Losing or success is just
a task!
As this is meant to live …
Not just to breathe …
No one will last forever …….
An eternity of love will always remain there ……..
While walking in the lane land,
Many hearts will meet …
Some of them became family,
Some painful memories!
But whatever the outcomes would be
Don’t lose the opaque transparency of soul
Grudges are not a peaceful part
Allow Love as it will solve all!
Dreams with eyes opened ….,
And work towards it till times fall!
Were ever been,
Working on the air conditioner cabin,
Or soul empires is yours …
Never loose humanity for all!
Walking in the lane land,
The unbelievable moment may appear..,
Time would suppress.
Depress you for long!
But hold on,
As this time will prove to be the best healer,
Until then Wipe off every tear…..
Sometimes you yourself,
Sometimes families near,
Collect all the blossom which blows …
And walk this journey until the last show!



#Control go on !

Controlled, uncontrollable things were …
Cryptic those boxes were
In this color wheel of surroundings…
Grey scale moments may appear
Made us stunned …
Walking ,In that murky cylinder of time
Situation demands control for agony

Within heard a clamour …
Then to make a quick fix ,,
Heart appeal brain to be on the lam light ..,and gave his lasting performance
Then a radium of tint ,, “control” comes out as a healer !
Blurring every pictures ,
Controlling every stuffs ,
Mind plays his external disc ,
Crumbled thread though inside
Yelling to free every knot ….
Heart again sat on the back seat of the raft
Controlling every parts !

# whistling

# whistling the same old tune

‘And I realised
Need to change now
Enough ,
I am done with these beliefs …

Walking the same old lane down
Nerves are ,
Whistling the same old tune !”

Same old tune
I embrace myself,

Part & parcel of life
Left , either the same way
Whatsoever, I tried
My roots airing the same smell,

Ashes of mine
Yet again ,
Whistling the same old tune !”

Description __ ( It’s describe a situation, feelings were a person always wanted to give themselves time to change and experience a new tune of life but whatever he tries ended up whistling the same old tune )
Is he’s roots is the reason behind that
( In a good sense , & he ended up being the same old man )
Or , it is his failure to inculcate the changes that can bring a more happy & fruitful life then he was living yesterday !??

Second Innings

And I decided
Participating again,
One year passed the late evening
Running against the odd
Loosen whatever
Still can fill differently
Abusive thoughts need to balance on
It’s the last beep
The hope of finding the light
Standing on the edge of the darker side
Don’t let go
Keep chasing up
As it’s a ‘different’ call
A ‘different’ start ok
Nail it differently, ‘different !”



Maan (Dil)

Gazal yeh suhana , apno ka diwana ..

Waqt k chakkar mai khof koi anjana

Zindagi k raathto mai koi geet mastana ….

Jal hai ya udhta asiyana 

Bheegi ankho ka darpan kahelana 

Ik bhul ki saza 

Khoye panno ki kavita 

Be baat dakmagana 

Khud ko tarashna.


Gazal yeh suhana aapno ka diwana 

Gum sapno ka pitara 

Andheri chaddar Surat begana

Haar door ek ghera nazrana 

Saasho ka diwana.